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Wednesday, June 21, 2006

VS 2005 Web Application Project

Microsoft has recently released an add-on tool for Visual Studio 2005 for Web Application Projects, instead of developing Web Site projects in the original released version. This is not just a rehash of VS2003 Web Application Project, but rewritten and supported for VS 2005 VB/C#. It will be added in VS2005 SP1 later this year. This new project type supports building (faster) single assembly compilation, edit and continue in the web project, and supporting test-driven development tools.

These are some links where to download this, descriptions and a couple interesting blogs describing pros and cons.

  • Microsoft's ASP.NET site for Web Application Project (induding download links for the setup and an update to VS2005 that must be installed first.

  • MSDN VS Developer Center's Introduction to Web Application Projects

  • Scott Guthrie's Web Application Project site, including VB and C# tutorials and known issues. (Scott is General Manager in MS Developer Division
    Scott Guthrie's blog, for updates

  • ASP.Net VS2005 WAP Forum: FAQ and Known Issues

  • Peter Johnson's interesting blog article on his Pros and Cons
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