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Wednesday, June 17, 2009

ADO.NET team: System.Data.OracleClient Deprecated

Microsoft ADO.Net team (Himanshu Vasishth, Program Manager) announces that the ADO.Net Oracle provider will no longer be supplied by Microsoft.  Recommended to use 3rd party provider.

ADO.NET team blog : System.Data.OracleClient Update

Possible alternatives are:



  • At 6/23/2009 5:46 PM , Anonymous Mike Nelson said...

    Hi Mark,

    Thanks for posting about System.Data.OracleClient being Deprecated. Per your note about using third parties, I work with DataDirect Technologies. You might consider Connect for ADO.NET from DataDirect Technologies. Connect for ADO.NET offers a client-less solution for .NET platforms –- free from OracleClient or so called Instant Client. Go grab a copy of our install and check out what a true pedigree, 100% managed provider, can offer while supporting the latest .NET technologies such as the ADO.NET Entity Framework provider for Oracle –


  • At 8/03/2009 10:05 AM , Anonymous Devart said...

    Devart offers fast and reliable ADO.NET provider for the wide range of
    users. One can choose the best Edition of our provider to fit his or her
    needs. For example:
    - You don't need advanced functionality and you don't have money to spend -
    then free Express Edition is just for you. It offers functionality similar
    to the one of Oracle Client, it is free and easy to install. All you have to
    do is to place two assemblies in GAC.

    - You want to develop and deploy database applications with ease? - Get our
    Standard Edition with design time support, profiler for monitoring queries
    that are being executed in the application, and the ability to work without
    Client Software installed.

    - You want more advanced features, you need all the functionality Oracle can
    give? - Then Professional Edition with the newest Microsoft and Devart
    technologies implementation will put them at your fingertips! In it, strong
    points are Entity Framework support implemented since the release of the
    first Beta, LINQ to Oracle, and, above all, Entity Developer - our own tool
    for building LINQ and Entity Framework models, functionality and convenience
    of which exceed those offered by the standard ones a lot. You are also
    welcome to take advantage of using Oracle advanced functionality, ASP.NET
    2.0 providers, SQL Server Business Intelligence Solutions, Enterprise
    Library and much more with our ADO.NET provider for Oracle.

    You are not sure if you can rely on the quality of third-party components?
    With us you will get regular builds with fixes every two or three weeks and
    fast comprehensive support from our team that will help you resolve any

    Besides, the interface of our provider is compatible with
    System.Data.OracleClient. We are sure that with the supplied Migration
    Wizard tool and our support migration of your project will be fast, easy,
    and convenient.

    Try it

  • At 8/03/2009 11:24 AM , Blogger Mark Harr said...

    Thanks, Mike Nelson from DataDirect and ??? from DevArt for providing descriptions of your products for alternative solutions. Next time I will be needing an Oracle .Net driver, I will certainly look at your products.


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